Knife, Axe and Edged Tool Policy

8th Norwich - Knife, Axe and Edged Tool Policy

  1. The Group is mindful of The Scout Association's policy on the use of knives, which can be found here.  
  2. Advice on knife law can be found here.


  1. The 8th Norwich Sea Scouts concurs that knives, axes and other "edged tools" are an essential part of scouting.    Cubs, Scouts and Explorers should therefore be trained to:
  • Understand the law and their own responsibilities 
  • Understand that each edged tool has a specific purpose
  • Understand how to set up a safe working area
  • Understand that any mock or intended irresponsible or threatening behaviour with an edged tool will be deemed a Cardinal Sin (see below)  
  • Know how to deal with cuts and wounds, should they occur
  • Safely and responsibly use a wide range of edged tools 
  • Care for and sharpen different types of edged tool
  1. Knife throwing is NOT a permitted activity in Scouting.
  2. Axe throwing is a permitted activity, which is covered by The Scout Associations Fact Sheet 120011
  3. Given the large membership and frequency of events the 8th Norwich policy sets a more stringent approach to the possession, use and carrying of edged tools by its Cubs, Scouts and Explorers.   




  1. No knife, axe or other edged tool (e.g. pen-knife, sheath knife, craft knife or other fixed or folding knife), whether legal or not, that is owned/possessed by a Cub, Scout or Explorer, can be brought to or used on any 8th Norwich event, with the sole exception of eating cutlery. 
  2. The Group will promote the safe and responsible use of edged tools through supervised training and by providing all necessary edged tools for training, practice and legitimate deployment for activities, including cooking.




  1. Breach of this policy will be considered a "Cardinal Sin", which could result in suspension or expulsion from the Group or from The Scout Association.
  2. Further details are provided in the Discipline Policy here. 




This policy does not apply to the following who should work within law and the The Scout Association Policy:-

  1. Appointed leaders, skills instructors or other coaches/adult helpers working under the supervision of the Leader in Charge.
  2. Any Explorer Scout, with the permission of the GSL, and who has passed any of the following:
    • Explorer Survival Badge
    • Chief Scout Platinum Award
    • Queens Scout Award
    • Explorer Belt
    • Young Leader Belt 
  3. Any Explorer Scout who has achieved an NGB recognised coaching or leadership award for sailing or paddlesports.



Ian Hayward

Group Scout Leader

February 2018