Charges and Payments

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Main Details

Charges for events and activities are shown elsewhere, in two places.

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  • Just below the text on each event on the website calendar
  • In a separate table

In general there are charges for overnight events and some more advanced training activities where we use external suppliers, with most of our non-residential events being covered by the annual subscription. Our Holiday Club events are also charged on a different basis: see explanation (page coming soon).

PROVISIONAL Annual Subscriptions 2022-23

Subs are charged in September, broadly pro rata for those who join later. After two years without any increases, we have had to increase these as we are now very much hit by inflation.

We will be sending out invoices to members towards the end of September. Please do not pay in anticipation of the invoice.

You can find your current subs payment method (Manual, Direct Debit or Debit Debit Instalments) in the About Yourself block in the left hand column of the website, If you want to set up paying by instalments please use the instalment webform well before the bills are sent out.

Section Annual Subscription
Beavers £171
Cubs £210
Scouts £375
Explorer in Years 9 and 10 £375
Explorer in Year 11 £264
Explorer in Year 12 £150
Explorer in Year 13 £60

Scout Uniform Prices (Including No. 2/informal uniform items)

The cost of new and secondhand uniform items (formal and less formal) supplied by ourselves are shown on the order form.

There are additional items available for Explorers:


Members will be emailed an invoice to pay, which includes details of the payment options.

The simplest way is for you to pay by DIRECT DEBIT. This way you can easily and safely cut the hassle of settling your Scout bills. Log onto the website and go to /content/paying-us-direct-debit for details.

Payment by Internet banking is also very helpful for us. Details are sent with financial statements. (Change of bank account w.e.f. 01/09/2019)

Sort code:  40-52-40
Account no.:  00032875

Credit and Debit Cards

Invoices have a blue 'Pay Now' button

Cheques, invoices, receipts and claims for expenses should be sent to the address shown on the invoice.

Payment by Instalments

Where requested we will normally accept payments by direct debit instalments. See details.

Discounts for those with advanced qualifications

We offer discounts to Explorers in Years 10 and above attending some of our major events who hold relevant qualifications which they will use during the event, but these will not be applied automatically.

You need to submit a webform to alert us to any discount for which you qualify. This will then be applied to your payment of the balance as appropriate.

Normally you should submit the form at the time of signing up, but if you gain a relevant qualification at a later date then you should submit the form straight after qualifying.

About Subs charges for Sixth Formers

We are often asked if older Explorers, many of whom take on the role of helping us as Young Leaders without expecting to participate in the wider programme, need to pay a subscription for helping us.

Our stock answer is 'yes please'. However, the differentiated subscription levels with reduced charges each year clearly reflect the increasing external pressures on older members combined with the increasing value of any help they give. Below are some key points in this connection:

  • We have to pay the Scout authorities over £50.00 for each member which covers all the necessary indemnity insurances etc. There are effectively no other ways in which that essential cover for the Group, the Scouters and the individuals can be provided.
  • The value of their contribution is often enhanced through more advanced training which we have enabled and probably even subsidised in the past.
  • We can claim Gift Aid on subscription payments. If a subsidy is justified then we would rather provide it for attending our events.
  • The full Explorer programme, which has developed enormously over the recent years, is open to all Explorers.
  • Under 18s cannot take the legal responsibilities which adults can, and over 18s can only do so in Scouting with an adult appointment, specific competencies and an appropriate level of maturity. 
  • We suspect that worthy and kind as our Young Leaders' intentions are, they often keep coming because they really enjoy it and/or they want substance towards a D of E Award, UCAS or other reference.
  • It is very difficult for us to make exceptions...

That said, bear in mind:

  • We are always open to negotiation where there are cases of genuine financial hardship.
  • Explorers in this age bracket who hold advanced NGB qualifications (eg Pool lifeguards, RYA Dinghy Instructors, BCU Coaching Instructors etc) can reasonably ask for discount on events when they give service in connection with those awards, which can be thought of as offsetting the subscription payment).