Application to join the 8th Norwich Sea Scout Group

Membership Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in joining the 8th Norwich (Norwich School) Sea Scout Group.  You can find out more about the Group by clicking this link.

Please use this form to ask for a place in the 8th Norwich (Norwich School) Sea Scout Group. (The Trinity term starts in April).

  • Beavers (from age 6. Applications not accepted before age 6)

  • Cub (Year 3s from start of Trinity term)

  • Scout (Year 6s from start of Trinity term)
  • Explorer Scout (Year 9s from start of Trinity term)

This form is intended for NEW membership requests, and not for transfers between sections. If you are asking to move from the 8th Norwich Cubs to the Troop please use the transfer form).

Membership is open primarily to members of Norwich School. You may apply for a place any time after accepting a place at Norwich School (Lower or Senior).  At times of high demand we operate a waiting list.

Not from Norwich School?  We are able to offer some spaces for young people who are not from Norwich School depending on capacity. Consideration should be given to the different term dates operated by Norwich School which may effect access to some events/camps for those not at Norwich School.

Parent Help Needed

The offer of a place may be enhanced by a similar offer of regular adult leadership support. You can offer regular help as a leader here.

Meeting Times are as follows:-

Sections meet at the following times during the Norwich School term (unless otherwise notified for programme reasons) :-

Beaver Scouts

Friday 4:15pm to 5:30pm

Cub Scouts 

Monday Pack - 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Tuesday Pack - 5:30pm to 7:00pm 

Scout Troop

Port Watch - Wednesday - 6:00pm to 8:15pm

Starboard Watch - Thursday - 6:00pm to 8:15pm

Midships Watch - Friday - 6:00pm to 8:15pm

Explorer Scouts

Monday 7:15pm to 9:00pm (subject to programme)

Consent to Participate and Group Policies

We will need you to confirm your consent for your son/daughter to participate in our activities and acceptance of Group Policies if you accept a place. Click to see details

Our Group policies, including data protection and safeguarding are available on the Home page of the website   

Once this form is submitted, one of our administration team will be in touch to confirm if a place is available.   Please do not submit this form twice! If you are wondering about the status of your application please, email our membership team.

Please enter the name by which he likes to be known (eg Will as opposed to William) followed by the surname
Beavers: 6 to 7½ (Normally School Years 1 to 2) Cubs: 7½ to 10 (Normally School Years 3 to 5) Scouts: 10½ to 14 (Normally School Years 6 to sometime during 9) Explorers: 14 to 18 (Normally School years 9/10 to 13)
School Year starting September 2021. Norwich School form names: Year 1=L1, 2=U1, 3=L2, 4=U2, 5=L3, 6=U3, 7=L4, 8=U4, 9=L5, 10=M5, 11=U5, 12=L6, 13=U6
years old
This shows the age in years of your child on September 1st 2021. Is this correct? If not, you have probably entered the wrong school year.

The age shown must be that of your child on September 1st 2021, assuming that your child is in the normal school year for their age.

Year of entry to school year 6

Sorry, we do not accept people on our waiting list until they are six years old.

This can be in the future provided a place in the School has been accepted. (Indicating 1st of month is fine)
Please indicate your present school and any imminent change expected
This helps us for setting up accounts and website access.
eg Mr and Mrs J Smith, Dr F and Dr G Smith, Ms I Smith
Post code goes in the next box
Include area code
07nnn nnn nnn
07nnn nnn nnn
We operate on and by the water most of the time so basic swimming competence is essential.
The more flexible you can be the more likely we are to be able to accommodate you. Leave blank if you do not mind.
We have to balance the year group and gender mix on each evening. Please detail why a particular night is essential if that is the case.
eg Bathilda and Severus
Further comments or questions, details of siblings in the Group, etc
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